Playlove Launches Cyber Monday Special

Are you excited to see Playlove grow?

We are pleased to offer a Founding Lifetime Membership available now through the end of 2020.

Playlove was created out of the need for a better mobile platform to connect sex-positive communities. We are off to a great start but still need some help. We can find investor money in 2021 but prefer community support because it proves that people really want this.

As a Founding Lifetime Member, you’ll get every single Playlove feature we develop, ever, for up to three profiles FREE for life. You’ll also get a special Founding Lifetime Member digital badge as a reminder to us and the entire community of your awesome support during this time.

 For more details, please visit our FAQ.

We will never offer this deal or a Founding Lifetime Member badge again.

“We have lots of new features our members have been asking for coming soon, including the ability to search by location, see who is nearby, improved dating, flirt & hook up options, more control and customization, plus groups, communities and business pages.”

– Playlove CEO & Co-Founder Sante Suffoletta

Do You Live in CO?

Because we expect a big surge in CO sign ups over the next few months. As a Founding Lifetime Member you’ll have the best chance to connect with them all.

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