Why Consider a Founding Lifetime Membership?

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about our Founding Lifetime Membership. You can also email or text us.

Why would I spend money on something that’s free?

Great question. While Playlove is currently free, it won’t be forever. The basic features you are using now might stay free. But many new features will be premium.

So what features are coming?

We are building all your most requested features from recent surveys, including:

  • Better dating, flirting, swipe, certification and hook up options
  • Custom control over who can see and contact you
  • Better filtering over who & what you can see.
  • Location based searches and see who is nearby right now.
  • Search based on detailed preferences and interests.
  • Groups, communities & events
  • Better messaging features
  • Business pages
  • Affiliate programs

Why would I spend money on something that isn’t built yet?

Because you genuinely believe in what we are doing and want to see Playlove become a big success. If you can visualize how us fulfilling our mission will have a huge impact on the world, and on you personally, a lifetime membership is for you. Imagine being one of only a handful of people who can say they supported us now, before anyone else did. You’ll also save a lot of money over time.

Can’t you just find investor or bank money?

Yup. But our goal is not just to “find money.” It is to succeed without ever having to compromise our core values. Playlove was built for you, not banks and investors. That’s why we are offering this deal to you, our community, right now. Because if you believe in us at this early stage, it proves people really do want this and we are on the right path.

What on earth will I ever do with three profiles?

The possibilities are limitless. Keep one for yourself, make a couples profile and give the other to your partner(s). Single? Give them away for the holidays or keep for future partners, friends, businesses, projects, etc. The point is, you’ll get a lifetime of benefits and connections for a fraction of what it will cost over time monthly. 

What is included with a Founding Lifetime Membership?

You’ll have a serious advantage in connecting with others on Playlove because you will instantly be seen as a leader in our community. You’ll also get:

  • All the features we ever develop 100% free for life for up to three (3) profiles
  • A Founding Lifetime Member badge displayed on your profile(s)  to let everyone know you supported us during this key time.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you helped bring all the world’s sex positive communities together and put an end to fear and shame.
  • Access to our Founding Members Community and a standing invitation to our Founding Member Meetings. As a lifetime supporter, you get to help shape the future of Playlove. You’ll have direct access to our team & executives and a special community on Playlove to connect & mingle with other Founding Members.

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