Why Start a Group on Playlove?

We all deserve better than Facebook jail, right? If you are a sex-positive community leader, your members are more expressed today than ever before. Yet so many apps still censor sexy content with arbitrary standards, plus the countless fake profiles, spammers and trolls making it harder than ever to cultivate the vibe you really want. Sound accurate?

Five reasons you and your community will love Playlove.

  1. Nobody gets Zucked

On Playlove you can share sexy content, including nudity, and never end up in Facebook jail. Imagine never again having to explain why someone’s content was frozen or removed. Imagine how your members will thrive once they can be fully expressed again. 

  1. Better screening and safety

If you run a group on Facebook, you know it is hard to be sure everyone joining is a real person. The larger the group, the more you risk drawing fakes and undesirables who aren’t really there to further your community. With Playlove’s enhanced validation, you can confirm anyone you add is a real person and has been validated as such by another existing & validated member. 

  1. Optimized for mobile 

Playlove was built with a mentality of mobile-first. That’s because 80% of the people we surveyed recently said they prefer to make sex-positive connections on mobile. It also means if your group isn’t currently on a mobile friendly platform, you may be losing relevancy with a lot of members. Join our mobile sexual revolution today. 

  1. Less policing of DM and friend requests

How many times have you heard “Someone messaged or friended me without my permission?” What if your group members could manage that themselves? Playlove lets all members choose the types of profiles they want to see and hear from in their settings so you can focus entirely on making your group more awesome 😊

  1. Get paid while you sleep

We know it’s not about the money, but you will earn 20% on all paid referrals for life. Playlove will eventually have premium features, and anyone you invite now who creates a profile will be tagged with your unique referral code. We made it super easy to invite folks right from your mobile device with a custom link and QR code.

So what are you waiting for?

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