Playlove Launches Cyber Monday Special

Are you excited to see Playlove grow? We are pleased to offer a Founding Lifetime Membership available now through the end of 2020. Playlove was created out of the need for a better mobile platform to connect sex-positive communities. We are off to a great start but still need some help. We can find investorContinue reading “Playlove Launches Cyber Monday Special”

Undressing the History of Sexy Halloween

By Amanda E.K. Sexy fortune cookie. Kinky corn on the cob. Sexy mail-in ballot. These are all available Halloween costumes…that you’re probably about to google.  Has anyone else noticed that Halloween has gotten, well, sexier over the years? My friend, Playlove Co-Founder and sex-positive events organizer, Sante Suffoletta, can attest that, in the 30 yearsContinue reading “Undressing the History of Sexy Halloween”

Playlove is Live!

After months of development, Playlove is finally here. Our team hopes it soon will be the preferred social networking app for sex positive communities, combining all the best features from popular social media networks and dating apps—including news feeds, social interaction, dating profiles and more–without the strict content guidelines experienced on other apps. Users whoContinue reading “Playlove is Live!”

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