Conquering Sexual Shame & Fear Part II

By Amanda E.K. In Part I on conquering sexual shame & fear, we looked at where they stem from, their pervasiveness and how to recognize & start overcoming them. In Part II, we’ll hear from community members about their personal experience with facing sexual shame and fear, and how they sought a fantasy-fulfilling life post-shameContinue reading “Conquering Sexual Shame & Fear Part II”

What the Genderf**k?

By Amanda E.K. Have you ever questioned whether your gender identity matches the sex you were assigned at birth? Maybe you were assigned male, but you enjoy wearing makeup and skirts, or maybe you were assigned female, but wearing makeup or a bra never felt quite right. Or maybe as a woman you’ve been expectedContinue reading “What the Genderf**k?”

Overcoming Unwanted Sexual Shame & Fear

By Amanda E.K. Even in today’s more sexually liberated culture, sexual shame and fear remain a common and pervasive issue for people of all ages, in all communities, and of all sexual and gender identities. You might experience shame about your body, identity, desire, or kinks and fetishes. Or maybe you’re confident in yourself butContinue reading “Overcoming Unwanted Sexual Shame & Fear”

Getting More Real Connections on Dating Apps

By Amanda E.K. We rely on apps now more than ever to make social connections, but how do we ensure we get the matches we want? Or even a response once we do connect with someone?  Single guys can especially get the brunt of these letdowns. When a new match doesn’t respond to an introContinue reading “Getting More Real Connections on Dating Apps”

Jealousy Part 2: When You Get Triggered

By Amanda E.K and Sante Suffoletta Bookmark for later use. You’re welcome 🙂 One of the most common questions folks in open relationships hear is “How do you deal with your jealousy when seeing a partner with someone else? I couldn’t do it.”  Below you’ll find a quick reference guide to dispel key myths aboutContinue reading “Jealousy Part 2: When You Get Triggered”

Jealousy Part 1: Opening Up Your Relationship

By Amanda E.K. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’ve either tried some form of non-monogamy, you’re currently non-monogamous, or you’re thinking about opening up your relationship. Polyamory and non-monogamy have seen a rise in popularity and de-stigmatization in recent years, which has allowed more people to feel comfortable confiding in their partners thatContinue reading “Jealousy Part 1: Opening Up Your Relationship”

Decluttering the Confusion Around Bi- and Pansexual Identities

By Amanda E.K. When was the last time you had trouble deciding what to order at a restaurant? Or about what to watch on Netflix for an indulgent night of binge-watching? Was it a difficult decision because you weren’t sure what you liked, or was it because there were several options that sounded equally worthContinue reading “Decluttering the Confusion Around Bi- and Pansexual Identities”

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