Why Start a Group on Playlove?

We all deserve better than Facebook jail, right? If you are a sex-positive community leader, your members are more expressed today than ever before. Yet so many apps still censor sexy content with arbitrary standards, plus the countless fake profiles, spammers and trolls making it harder than ever to cultivate the vibe you really want.Continue reading “Why Start a Group on Playlove?”

Why Donate to Playlove?

Thank you for considering donating. Below are answers to frequently asked questions. You can also email or text us. Tell me more about your business and the market opportunity. Playlove was created out of a growing need for a better mobile platform to connect sex-positive communities – a.k.a. people who view sexuality as something uniqueContinue reading “Why Donate to Playlove?”

Why Consider a Founding Lifetime Membership?

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about our Founding Lifetime Membership. You can also email or text us. Why would I spend money on something that’s free? Great question. While Playlove is currently free, it won’t be forever. The basic features you are using now might stay free. But many new features will beContinue reading “Why Consider a Founding Lifetime Membership?”

An Interview with Our Co-Founder

Amanda EK — a local writer, filmmaker, and member of the queer and polyamorous community — sat down with Playlove co-founder Sante Suffoletta – who is also a 30 year sex-positive events organizer – to talk about Playlove, and the mission behind it. Amanda: On the Playlove homepage, it states that people are more openContinue reading “An Interview with Our Co-Founder”

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