About Us

Playlove was started out of the need for a better mobile platform to connect sex-positive communities. Our team works around the clock to deliver on our mission. If we can assist in any way, please let us know.

Meet The Playlove Team

CEO – Sante

User Name: ItalianStallion

Our co founder has been involved with sex-positive communities since the early 1990s. He is in charge of business development, marketing, vision, strategy, finance and keeping all our moving pieces on track. He loves to travel the world, DJ, cook Italian food, spoil his partner and give pedicures. He brings 20+ years in enterprise technology and 30 years of community development & event planning.

CTO – Trip

User Name: Trip

Our other co founder leads all development and IT. He discovered alternative lifestyle communities in 2002 and has walked within them in various forms since. He brings 25+ years software development, architecture and strategy to our team. He is also a former hockey player, avid Colorado Avalanche fan, electronic music producer and kick ass light painting art photographer. Catch him out on his Ducati when the weather allows or in virtual reality when it doesn’t.

UXA Manager – Angie

User Name: Puddles

Our UXA Manager is in charge of quality assurance, customer support and DevOps. She is passionate about sex-positive culture and has participated in the community as a unicorn, a third, half of a primary couple, a pro Domme and spanking model. She is excited to bring two of her passions together in this role. She brings 7+ years of project management plus SCRUM and Agile training to the team.

Brand Manager – Reagan

User Name: Raygunrx

Our lead designer is in charge of making sure Playlove looks and feels like a world class organization, representing our mission and values in everything we show publicly – including designing or approving all logos, fonts, icons, buttons, graphics and colors within the Playlove app, website, socials, newsletters, promos and business documents. Reagan is also married to our co founder Trip. She loves being a rope bottom.

Market Research Director – Kat

User Name: ShibariRose

Kat is passionate about people and committed to the sex-positive expression of all beings. With 5 years experience in online marketing, social media & customer support, plus over a decade in the service industry, she loves learning about people, problem solving and creating experiences that wow.  She is a kinky adventurer who enjoys old fashioneds, delicious food, long bike rides, creating art, shibari & spankings, psychology and plants.

Writer & Media Advisor – Amanda

User Name: Djuna666

Amanda E.K. researches and writes our blogs and advises us on PR and media engagement. Amanda is a writer, filmmaker and creative coach, and the former editor in chief of Suspect Press. Their polyamorous, pansexual identity fuels a lot of their creative work, as well as their fundamentalist evangelical upbringing. Find out more HERE.

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